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  1. Looking for oversize pistons for 83 VT750C

    Technical Discussion
    I started taking my project bike apart and noticed that the head gasket was blown. Evidently, it has been blown for a long time. The top of the piston and the cylinder bore are covered in rust. Also, it looks like the intake valve struck the piston. I've been looking for oversize pistons...
  2. 2015 -201X Aftermarket Rear Suspension

    Technical Discussion
    I'm having a real hard time finding aftermarket rear suspension/ shocks for my shadow (2015) I called progressives sales and they don't have a single model that is compatible with the bike. I cant find any aftermarket part websites that have any either. Has anybody has found a brand or shock...
  3. Aftermarket air filter suggestions

    Technical Discussion
    Hello everyone! I’m new! I’ve got myself a 03 shadow spirit 750.. I bought a kuryakyn hypercharger that they apparently discontinued the mounting bracket for.. super frustrating.. and I can’t seem to find the mounting hardware anywhere. What you you suggest for an aftermarket air filter? I’ve...
  4. Looking for good aftermarket parts sites

    General Bike Discussion
    Hey everyone, Looking for suggestions on good aftermarket part sites for honda's. I only know of one good aftermarket site for motorcycles so looking for some more options! Thanks