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  1. General Bike Discussion
    Hello all, I’m new to the forum but have gleaned your collective wisdom for the better part of a year. So thanks! I recently picked up a 97 vt 600. I got it with no mufflers. I’m about to move into a neighborhood and would like to have a good relationship with my new neighbors and being...
  2. Technical Discussion
    Just bought a 98 honda shadow ace vt750, the last owner chopped the stock exhaust into what looks like short shots (did a crappy job) and wrapped em up to cover the mess of a job he did. It is way too loud, I need a way to quiet them down without spending a ton of money. Will buying slip on...
  3. Technical Discussion
    I have a 2014 Phantom with cobra streetrod slashdowns and it is way too loud. The pitch is just right that no matter what speed and even with ear plugs my ears still ring terribly. Has anyone been able to find a good quiet baffle that will fit these or have any other good ideas? Thanks!