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  1. Technical Discussion
    I've posted before about power issues I've had, been through a number of batteries and the charging system keeps checking out alright. The same issue kept coming up which was three batteries with a broken or partially broken terminal connection. I only have two additional mods connected to my...
  2. Technical Discussion
    Ok so I have a 02 750 spirit it has been sitting for a good min ok when I hook up the jumper cables to give the bike a jump it’s fires up on time on point no problem and gallops like a pony on a nice summer day BUUUUUUT as soon as I take the jumper cables off it runs at a steady idle just fine...
  3. Technical Discussion
    Hey all, so previously I had what sounded like problems with the rectifier/stator then fuel pump (described in previous posts). After hours on the phone with multiple different motorcycle mechanics we came to the conclusion that the CDI box is no good. Was told that if I tried to start the bike...
  4. Technical Discussion
    Just replaced my battery, now my 2006 VT1100C2 Sabre backfires on shutdown. Anybody else encounter this?
  5. Technical Discussion
    trying to diagnose the battery/ charging issues i have been having on my 2005 spirit 750. so here is the full background. the bike was pretty much not touched from july 2019 to may 2022. a new battery was put in in march 2022. i went through and fixed some stuff up in may. one thing was putting...
  6. Technical Discussion
    I have a '97 Shadow VLX 600 Here's the full story: Battery was dead, so I jumped started the motorcycle with a portable power pack. It ran. Battery wouldn't hold a charge, so I bought a new battery from Autozone. New battery in place, turn the key = no lights and starter doesn't work. After...
  7. Technical Discussion
    Hey, Rookie rider here :) I'm picking up my bike on March 19th and the riding season won't stop until the 1st or 2nd week of April here. My plan is to replace all the liquids as soon as I get the bike. I will store the bike indoors and covered. My only concerns are the battery and tires. Do...
  8. Technical Discussion
    My 2013 Shadow will spend winter in the garage. It will get below zero in there. I want to take the battery into the basement. Simple question to those who know: Will anything happen to the ECU if it is without power for that long? 5ish months? Thank you and Best, Steve
  9. Technical Discussion
    I've been using a Delran battery tender for many years without any problems. Recently I've noticed that the light on the charger is alternating between red, flashing green and solid green. This has never happened before. Is the charger going bad or is it the battery?
  10. Technical Discussion
    2018 shadow aero 750. I just recently noticed that when I go to start the bike is lags on startup. It seems to run fine when it's started and moving, no power issues, however, when I go to start it up, it turns over but struggles, then resets my trip meter and clock. Once it's going it's fine...
  11. Technical Discussion
    Been having issues getting my bike started for the past week. Now that the winter is over it’s time to take the bike out and nave some fun but unfortunately she won’t even turn on. No lights. Nothing. Not a thing turns on when I turn the key. When I first took it out i got some lights on at...
  12. Technical Discussion
    Hi all, So over the winter I let my battery go low, its usually on a solar powered trickle charger but I moved house and was lazy and didn't set it up. Anyway went out to fire the bike up, the starter would turn sluggishly but the engine wouldn't fire. I bought an Oxford Optimiser as there is...
  13. Technical Discussion
    Plan A was to remove the seat. One of the screws is stripped so that’s a non-starter for now. Removed right side panel and am looking at what’s in the photo attached. Is there a place here to attach the positive clip, or am I out of luck? Thanks!
  14. Technical Discussion
    so i just purchased the battery box, etank, and antigravity battery from tj brutal. After it was all installed and all the wiring was reconnected i noticed that the wiring that runs into the starter solenoid was not connected and i had forgotten what went where. as of right now i tried two...
  15. Technical Discussion
    I recently put a new battery in my 02 vt1100. The positive end touched the frame and sparked, and now no lights, nothing. Checked all fuses and they all look good. Any thoughts???
  16. Technical Discussion
    Ok here is my dilemma. I bought this bike 2 years ago. When i first bought it ran great. Less than 5000 original miles. Drove about 1000 and rectifier blew all lights and the stator out if the bike. Was all replaced. 2 times by the Honda shop. Since then(last year) the kill switch went...
  17. Technical Discussion
    I have a 2005 Sabre VT1100. I put a new usb charger and 2 speaker sound system on it the other day but it is draining the battery. Is there a higher power battery I can get or is there just too much pull?
  18. Technical Discussion
    Hey how's it going guys? I am a new owner of a shadow. I've had it for hhhhmmm 4 days now hahaha. My question is, I was out riding yesterday. It started up fine, it ran great and about 38 miles in it started to big out when excellerate and eventually just wouldnt and died...tried to start up...
  19. Technical Discussion
    Intro : I recently (literally yesterday) got me a Honda Shadow. Bought it a while back, got insurance and waited till the weather became a bit finer to go and pick it up from the garage. Now, before I say anything else, the garage I bought it from did give me a year warranty on the bike, so I'll...
  20. Technical Discussion
    Wondering why I keep going through batteries? What to look for. Stator? Friends watch the lights dim at 65mph, get to a stop, dead again. Lookin for a jump. 4th battery. Thanks for reading
1-20 of 20 Results