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  1. 2001 750 ACE wiring issue after installing new battery.

    Technical Discussion
    so i just purchased the battery box, etank, and antigravity battery from tj brutal. After it was all installed and all the wiring was reconnected i noticed that the wiring that runs into the starter solenoid was not connected and i had forgotten what went where. as of right now i tried two...
  2. Plugged Battery In, Sparked The Positive End On Frame, Now Bike Is Dead

    Technical Discussion
    I recently put a new battery in my 02 vt1100. The positive end touched the frame and sparked, and now no lights, nothing. Checked all fuses and they all look good. Any thoughts???
  3. 03 Shadow VLX 600 all origional parts

    Technical Discussion
    Ok here is my dilemma. I bought this bike 2 years ago. When i first bought it ran great. Less than 5000 original miles. Drove about 1000 and rectifier blew all lights and the stator out if the bike. Was all replaced. 2 times by the Honda shop. Since then(last year) the kill switch went...
  4. Accessories pulling too much power or?

    Technical Discussion
    I have a 2005 Sabre VT1100. I put a new usb charger and 2 speaker sound system on it the other day but it is draining the battery. Is there a higher power battery I can get or is there just too much pull?
  5. 98 Honda Shadow ACE Delux

    Technical Discussion
    Hey how's it going guys? I am a new owner of a shadow. I've had it for hhhhmmm 4 days now hahaha. My question is, I was out riding yesterday. It started up fine, it ran great and about 38 miles in it started to big out when excellerate and eventually just wouldnt and died...tried to start up...
  6. [solved] Shadow 750 1999 Battery issues

    Technical Discussion
    Intro : I recently (literally yesterday) got me a Honda Shadow. Bought it a while back, got insurance and waited till the weather became a bit finer to go and pick it up from the garage. Now, before I say anything else, the garage I bought it from did give me a year warranty on the bike, so I'll...
  7. 2001 750 Ace Deluxe kills batteries

    Technical Discussion
    Wondering why I keep going through batteries? What to look for. Stator? Friends watch the lights dim at 65mph, get to a stop, dead again. Lookin for a jump. 4th battery. Thanks for reading