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  1. Technical Discussion
    Hey everyone, I have a 2002 VT600 that I haven't ridden in like 10 years, I took it through water like 10 years ago when I was 17 and then my cousin passed away on his bike so I never even touched it again, but lately I've wanted to start riding again. So far I've put new spark plugs in it...
  2. Technical Discussion
    Been having issues getting my bike started for the past week. Now that the winter is over it’s time to take the bike out and nave some fun but unfortunately she won’t even turn on. No lights. Nothing. Not a thing turns on when I turn the key. When I first took it out i got some lights on at...
  3. Technical Discussion
    Hello I’ve browsed already and can’t seem to get a definitive answer I’ve tested my bike to the moon and back over the past two weeks and can’t pin point an issue. Only things I have no tested yet are stator and stater. The bike has 21,000 KM’s on it Battery is on charger gets 12.9 Volts I am...
1-3 of 3 Results