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  1. Technical Discussion
    Vt1100 c3 Aero-new to me it, keeps blowing the 10 amp fuse for blinkers and brake light. I don’t know how to find the root of the problem. Not electrically inclined I’m at a loss on where to begin. Thanks for any helpful feedback.
  2. Technical Discussion
    I installed 4 new turn signals, led 2 wire. I purchased a blinker genie from chromeglow. I installee it as instructions state... For the time being to make sure it works, i just have the wires laid in there. The front blinks properly ( a little fast ) but if you turn on left the left blinks...
  3. Technical Discussion
    I hope somebody can help me figure out what I've done wrong... I have a 2006 VLX 600. I replaced all 4 flashers on my bike with LEDs. I was getting hyper flashing, so I installed "Electronic LED Flasher Relay for LED Blinkers on Motorcycles - ELFR-1". I was also getting the 4-way flasher, so...
  4. Technical Discussion
    Hey guys, I’m new here and also a new shadow owner. So I just recently installed new blinkers on my bike and now the blinker light on my gauge cluster is constantly on. Also the rear blinkers are constantly on (can’t remember if this is normal). Thanks again guys, also just wanted to say this...
1-4 of 4 Results