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  1. Technical Discussion
    Hey moto heads! Here for another no start issue within the bobber community that has stumped everyone I've talked to IRL! Velocity Stacks, Open Pipes, TJ brutal Jet kits, a/f mixtures turned 3 out. kill switches grounded (clutch, neutral safety switch, and kickstand), fuel pump delete, new...
  2. General Bike Discussion
  3. General Bike Discussion
    Well guys I’ve had the bobber for 9 months so far... I’ve done a lot of riding with it so far! Taken a few trips to garden of the gods here in Colorado, no pictures of it there..Yet! But soon, my question is what is everyone’s thoughts on the swing arm saddle bags? And if anyone has any...
  4. 93 600 build

    This is a completely rebuilt custom Honda Shadow Hardtail Bobber. It’s a 93 VT600 with duel carbs and 16,500 miles. It has been torn down, powder coated and rebuilt. Almost every part on this bike is powder coated!! All fluids are fresh as with the gaskets/seals. No leaks anywhere. I know I’m...
  5. IMG_20211220_1017494.jpg

    1995 1100 Shadow ACE
  6. Technical Discussion
    can anyone explain to me how to wire my icm so i can get spark (bobber wiring) so far i have 12v at the coils but no spark removed stator cover and stator cleaned the stator as it was drenched in oil not sure exactly what the issue is
  7. Technical Discussion
    Hello everyone! I am a new Shadow owner and I have a 2002 Honda Shadow VT600CD. I am open to any recommendations or suggestions pertaining to this forum. I really like the look of hardtail Shadows, but I would like to know if the modification is worth it. I do not plan on riding for long...
  8. Technical Discussion
    I currently bought a hardtail bobber 93 VT600 unfinished build with a m-unit v2 I'm having trouble getting installed I'm wondering if anyone has already installed one before in a shadow a diagram would be steller... my bike didn't have the oem loom when I bought it.
  9. Technical Discussion
    I'm trying to rewire my bike to have no handlebar controls whatsoever no turn signal, no speedo, no dummy light or lights on triple tree I also want to completely remove the safety interlocks I'm running gravity fed so no fuel pump, however do I have to wire the fuel cut relay or can I chop it...
  10. My 97 VT600 Build

    This is a completely rebuilt custom Honda Shadow Hardtail Bobber. It’s a 97 VT600 with duel carbs and 17,500 miles. It has been torn down, powder coated and rebuilt. All fluids have been changed and are fresh as with the gaskets. No leaks anywhere. Velocity stacks Carbs rebuild and bigger...
  11. Technical Discussion
    Good morning to all I have been researching a EFI system for a custom 1994 Honda shadow bobber build that I am looking at doing in the near future and I was wondering if anyone on the site has heard anything of this company performed anything with their equipment or could give me a little more...
  12. Technical Discussion
    Hi this is my first post on the site. Nice to meet every one ! So my question would be for anyone who has done this already or knows how to do it. My 86vt700 bobber I picked up in a trade has a rats nest for a wiring harness there’s so many splices and cuts and unplugged things nothing works the...
  13. Member Introductions
    Just started bobbing a 2018 phantom shadow. Including replacing stock tank with frisco tank, anyone interested in a technical tutorial let me know. It will not be a ground up rebuild, but I am extending cables, new bars. Custom tank, custom rear end, new lights, and maybe whitewalla tires.
  14. General Bike Discussion
    I have a 2007 Shadow Aero that I want to rip down and turn into a bobber inspired (not going hard tail yet) attitude bike. I have the Clymers manual and a little experience working on bikes. Below is the first phase of what I want to do, I'm going to do this in two or three phases. I'm looking...
  15. Technical Discussion
    OK first let me say I am not your standard wrencher I’ve worked as an automotive technician for 10+ years held multiple ASE very mechanically inclined have rebuilt engines and transmissions differentials and nearly hole cars bike we’re working with 1986 shadow VT 700 C Clutch has the spring...
1-15 of 15 Results