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  1. Am i too new?

    Member Introductions
    Hi all, just joined the group. Was looking for a owners manuel for JH2RC50049K501915 is the chassis. Its registered as a 58 plate in the UK so August 08'. The oldest ones i see on here are up to 07'. Is this the same bike. Its been Bobbed but want to go further with a new front guard and...
  2. 1985 Honda Shadow VT700 VT700c 700 bobber

    1985 Honda Shadow VT700 VT700c 700 bobber

  3. 1985 Honda Shadow VT700 VT700c 700 bobber

    1985 Honda Shadow VT700 VT700c 700 bobber

  4. 96 vt1100c2 Bobber Parts

    Technical Discussion
    So, I've been reading around and before the comment comes (which it will) I know ALOT of the things I'm after are going to have to be modded to fit. BUT, I'm still looking for people who have been there done that, maybe with some info to help me move faster than they did. I'm trying to do some...
  5. Finnishing up build

    Finnishing up build

  6. Honda VT 600 HARDTAIL?

    Technical Discussion
    Hi every one. I just bought my first motorcycle and I have a question. I would like to start a bobber / hardtail project but I would like to keep my suspension (shock). I saw this guy doing an excellent job of giving his honda bobber a hardtail look without taking off the suspension so it...
  7. VT500c

    Member Introductions
    Good morning! Last spring I bought my first bike which was a CM200T Twinstar. It took a little bit of work before I got it on the road and enjoyed it all summer. I knew that I wanted something bigger and so in the fall found and bought an ‘83 VT500C. The previous owner said it sat for about...
  8. '06 Sabre Bob Job

    General Bike Discussion
    Hello everyone! It's been a while since I've posted, work has kept me busy and away from riding for most of the past year... After the new-year, I was able to buy a seat kit from Blue Collar Bobbers, and along with a DIY tail light and license plate mount, got it installed on my bike. I plan to...
  9. (Help!) Shocks for 1985 VT750 build

    Technical Discussion
    HI guys, long time lurker, first time poster. Just a few questions. What are my options for lowering the rear? Will the 10" Rebel 250 shocks from any year Rebel work on my 1985 VT750? Are all Shadow shocks interchangeable regardless of year? I'm looking for a 10" shock. I don't want to go with...