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  1. Honda Shadow VLX600 Carburetor Bog 1/4 to 3/4 throttle

    Technical Discussion
    Hey, I bought a Honda Shadow Vlx600 and the bike was sitting for 5 years. The previous owner ran seafoam through and cleaned the jets. I bought the bike seemed to run good besides a very slight bog at 1/4 throttle but otherwise great. Was riding home at night two days later and the bike...
  2. Bogging at 70mph and high rpm in other gears

    Technical Discussion
    Hello, I have a 1999 Honda Vt1100c3 with everything stock but the exhaust. It's been very well taken care of before me by a master motorcycle tech who owned it. This bike has a little over 60,000 miles on it (I put 6,000 on it last year). Lately when I ride, she starts and runs just fine, maybe...
  3. 98 Honda Shadow ACE Delux

    Technical Discussion
    Hey how's it going guys? I am a new owner of a shadow. I've had it for hhhhmmm 4 days now hahaha. My question is, I was out riding yesterday. It started up fine, it ran great and about 38 miles in it started to big out when excellerate and eventually just wouldnt and died...tried to start up...
  4. 03 Shadow 750 not firing on all cylinders

    Technical Discussion
    I was driving on the freeway when it started skipping every once in a while. Then it just started bogging down to where I thought it was going to die. First thing I thought was gas, but my tank is full. I checked all the lines and gas filter (seems fine). It still runs but I think it is skipping...
  5. VT500C issues

    Technical Discussion
    Recent carb clean all that. When bike is hot it has a hard time starting also when it’s warmed up and I rev it, it wants to die out. Any ideas what maybe causing it?