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  1. Need help!!!! Extended control cables

    General Bike Discussion
    So I just recently purchased a 12” burly 1” narrow ape hanger and new grips for my 09 Honda shadow spirit. I don’t know how to measure my cables but the bar are about 4-5 inches higher than stock with the risers I bought. Does Any one know where I can get some extended cables are 6 inches...
  2. Need to know original length of cables leading to bars

    Technical Discussion
    I’m changing my bars ten inch bars, and my cables are to short not sure how to get the appropriate length of cables needed, so figured I would start with the oem cables length an go up from there
  3. Mini-ape hanger bars - Best way to find cable length?

    Member Introductions
    I'm purchasing new handlebars for my 2002 Honda Shadow Spirit VT750DC, and I've read that it's very likely that the cables won't be long enough for this. Any recommonendations on how to figure out best length so that there aren't any issues with controls? Side questions, any recommendations on...