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carb adjustment

  1. 1985 vt700 running on one cylinder

    Technical Discussion
    I recently purchased a sorta running vt700. I cleaned the carbs, checked compression and am getting spark on all 4 cylinders. I tried syncing the carbs with a home made manometer and didn’t have very good luck so I know they are out of sync. It runs excellent on the rear cylinder but is not...
  2. '83 VT750 pilot jet size?

    Technical Discussion
    Anyone know what the stock pilot jet sizes are for an '83 shadow VT750C? My bike was running harsh, misfiring a lot during acceleration in any gear. I started loosening the air/fuel mixture screw and the rpms continued increasing the further i let the screws out. Well apparently I let them out...
  3. Auto petcock removal

    Technical Discussion
    '00' VT600 single carb. If I remove the auto petcock and replace with standard petcock and inline filter and plug the vacum port on the rear cylender will I need to do anything elce? Do I have to plug anything on the carb? Do I need to get the carb recalibrated? Confuzzled ?
  4. New to the forums, I need help though!

    Technical Discussion
    Hello I'm new here to the forums, I have a 1999 Honda Shadow ACE VT1100C2 that I'm building into a bobber on a broke college student budget lol, I need a few pointers on my bike's idle, it's too low and I feel it should be a bit higher, maybe it'd fix my issue where it won't stay on without me...