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carb help

  1. 94 VLX seems to be running at half power

    Technical Discussion
    I bought an all original 94 VLX 600 with only 3300 miles so it’s obviously been doing a lot of sitting. It starts and idles fine with no choke on and runs, but seems to be only firing at about half power or less. It doesn’t choke off while running, but there’s serious bogging that requires...
  2. Where does this hose go 😂

    Technical Discussion
    Hey All, Been restoring a 1984 shadow 700 with more surprises than anticipated. Restoring might be a generous term, terrorizing throughout the learning process might be more accurate. I'm pretty sure this is a breather hose as it came to me with a piece of cheese cloth over it, but can...
  3. Carb Kit ?

    Technical Discussion
    So I have decided that I need to get a rebuild kit for my 85 VT500 as it currently leaks fuel out of the right carb bowl. I think that it is from a stuck float, but figured I should just get a rebuild kit and replace all my gaskets anyways. Anyone have any links to rebuild kits ? On a side...
  4. Slow Fuel Leak

    Technical Discussion
    Hi again, So I put in a new starter motor, new spark plugs and changed the oil on my 85 VT500, and now I noticed a slow drip coming from my carbs dripping onto my crank case. Not sure what it’s from though, as it is such a slow leak. She runs great now aside from that, but just looking for...