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carb tuning

  1. Bogging after 1/4 throttle - New Dyno Needle - shadow 600 88'

    Technical Discussion
    Hoping to get a little help with either the needle or main jet. 1988 Honda shadow 600 - dual carb Velocity stacks and short open pipes. Before the Dyno needle: pilot 42, main 145, the Stock needle with 2 shims/washers. screws 2.5 turns. It was running pretty rich. but would run fine...
  2. 88' Shadow 600 black smoke and fire out of one exhaust pipe

    Technical Discussion
    Issue: I have one tailpipe (back engine block) putting up black smoke and fire w/ throttle. Bucs hard at 1/4-1/2 throttle. I have played with the mixture screws all the way from 1/2 turn to 3 turns 1/2 turn = pings at idle, afterfire on decel, bucks hard... all symptoms of lean. 1 - 3 turns = a...
  3. Air/Fuel Screw Won't go all the way in

    Technical Discussion
    Hi Guys, Hope someone can help. I got a 1983 Honda Shadow vt750. She didnt want to start so I pulled the carbs out and cleaned them. Bought a rebuild kit, and when I went to replace the a/f screw, one of them went all the way in (turned it in a lot until it sat), and the other just kinda...
  4. 1997 honda shadow 1100 custom intake and cobra exhaust mods.

    Technical Discussion
    I bought a 1997 Honda shadow 1100 a while back. I removed the stock intake and installed a cyclonic K&N air filter, cobra jet kit and cobra slash cut exhaust. I am having problems getting the carbs tuned correctly. I followed the instructions that came with the cobra jet kit but my bike sounds...