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  1. Carb/fuel system issues

    Technical Discussion
    2001 honda shadow spirit 750 K&N air filter (stock airbox) cobra drag pipes was jetted professionally I had the bike tuned up last year and rejetted....everything ran fine for the season and towards the tail end, before I could winterize, it had sat for about 30-45 days and then had issues...
  2. VT600C would stall after running for a bit, now I can't even get it to start

    Technical Discussion
    Hey everyone! Unfortunately my first post here is going to be a long one but after searching all over the internet I think I just need to make my own post about this issue. I bought my first bike back in February and have been working on it since but have come up against a problem I can't...
  3. Carb Differences?

    Technical Discussion
    I’m looking to replace the accelerator pump on my 2003 Honda Shadow VLX 600 if you are familiar with the part it’s also referred to as the “Diaphragm Pump.” My question is, are there any differences in the Carburetors on the VLX 600 and the 750 as far as the actual accelerator pump? I have a...
  4. New member from sf ca 2003 vt 750 trouble

    Technical Discussion
    Hey shadow net. I recently purchased a 2003 vt750. The previous owner said that it just needed the carbs cleaned and she would run just fine. So I bought the carb rebuild kits for both carbs replaced the Jets needles and seals on both of them. They were really filthy but I got them cleaned I...
  5. 1985 Shadow vt500 Carb Rebuild

    Technical Discussion
    Hey guys, So I'm in a bit of a bind regarding my carburetor. I had asked a friend to help me take apart and clean out the carbs, and his schedule just took a hit which wont allow us to get together for sometime. So here I am on my own now, and its time i either nut up and shut up or just...
  6. Honda Shadow Aero carb adjustment

    Technical Discussion
    What tool do you all use to adjust the air/fuel mix screw pictured below.
  7. Carbeurator Help

    Member Introductions
    Hi there, Just started my account as I have purchased 2 1985 honda shadow vt500c's one as a project and the other as a donor. I pulled both carbs off the bikes and I would like to rebuild both of them, however I'm not too sure where to start looking for rebuild kits. I'm looking at cleaning...