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  1. Update on not getting enough power

    Technical Discussion
    As a fallow up and update from previous discussions. I was having issues with my 2000 vt1100c not getting enough power at the top end and issues sputtering. Was troubleshooted and came to the conclusion it was the carburetor slide diaphragms had holes in them. Every things put back together and...
  2. Need a bit more help with dual carb tuning - '03 ACE 750

    Technical Discussion
    Hello everyone! I didn't want to un-necro an old post i had from months and months ago, life got in the way and I couldnt work on the bike anymore. Quick background. I bought an '03 ACE (21k miles) with gummed up carbs from an older gentleman who rode for a while then let the bike sit for 3...
  3. 1983 vt500c carb

    Technical Discussion
    Can someone post a close up picture of carbs while on the right side of the bike please