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  1. 2001 shadow carb problem

    Technical Discussion
    Hello everyone! So I have a 2001 shadow vlx 600, which has a single carb. While running at idle it seems to be too rich in the carb, overflowing with fuel and spilling out of the vent tube on the side behind the air box. I understand this is probably a float height issue, however the float...
  2. Chugging in 1st gear friction zone

    Technical Discussion
    I have a 2008 Shadow Spirit that had been sitting for 10 years before I got it. A year or so back, I cleaned the carburetor, replaced the petcock, and got it running and rode it last year with no problems. In the last month, I have rebuilt the carburetor (at the suggestion of the Honda shop)...
  3. Wanted- VT750C Carburetor

    Wanted Board
    I got my first bike recently, and the carb has been nothing but problems. One of the jets had to get... Grinded out basict. And I'm pretty confident it's shot. So.. I'm just going to replace it. I have to. Any leads would very much be appreciated
  4. Bike runs like crap and im stumped in whats wrong with it..

    Technical Discussion
    So I got my 2000 Shadow 750 running and the bike just feels off, theres some slight back pressure when throttle and there's this air spitting out from the left side of the carburetor, I found where the air is coming from and after some research I think there is supposed to be a hose connecting...