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  1. Technical Discussion
    Hi everyone, I'm working on what I think is a 2003 Shadow CD600 VLX as a gift project for my Dad. He bought the bike off a mechanic 7+ years ago, non running and non-anything with its clutch case open. In The Gambia. I'm not at all a mechanic but that doesn't mean I won't try. I'm currently...
  2. Technical Discussion
    I am trying to chop my 2005 VLX 600 CD, I really want to just simplify my wiring harness as much as possible and remove anything and everything that isn't absolutely required to make the bike run and ride. Also remove any extra safety features like the kickstand switch, if possible I'd love to...
  3. Technical Discussion
    Hey, I've got a 1985 Honda Shadow Vt500c that I bought as a project and for a good starter bike with the knowledge that it won't spark. With that being said, I checked the spark plugs, wires, ignition coils and they all checked out. I moved on to checking the ignition pulse generator and it read...
  4. Technical Discussion
    I'm currently working on rewiring my bike and I came across the m.unit blue and really liked all that it offered, so I decided to go a head with installing it. So far, its been a breeze except when it came to the ignition system. I've read through a couple of threads and websites, but I still...
  5. Technical Discussion
    Is there any difference between a Steed 400(1998) CDI and the Steed vlx 600(2001)? Greetings ✨
  6. Technical Discussion
    I have a bike I just bought and it cranks when the cdi is disconnected but when I plug it back in it does not crank. Does that mean I have a bad CDI box?
  7. Technical Discussion
    Hi all My son has been gifted a 94 VT600 Bobber project. Sadly it has had a wiring fire and the previous owner has cut and shut the wiring into a nice bowl of Technicolor spaghetti. In an amazing twist of luck today we got the beast to fire and run well but many wires, particulary to the CDI...
  8. Technical Discussion
    I have a 1984 Shadow VT500C that I think might have a bad CDI. Is there anyway to test it? Thank you.
1-8 of 8 Results