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clutch issue

  1. Gears change loudly & kind of clunky--clutch issues?

    Technical Discussion
    Hey all, here's the situation, I'm rehabbing a 2001 VT1100C2 that sat for 4 or so years. I haven't worked on a bike in over 20 years and have never owned or worked on any shaft driven bikes, like this one. I have service manual but I feel like i'm missing something. Problem: shifting gears...
  2. Clutch issue?

    Technical Discussion
    My clutch is acting like it’s constantly engaged almost and the drive shaft gear turns when you shift when I remove the back tire but when the tire is back on and adding that pressure it won’t drive so I’m thinking it might be the master cylinder?? I’m not super experienced so any help would be...
  3. Cable clutch should be hydraulic

    Technical Discussion
    So I just recently purchased a 1994 vt1100 and was not very familiar with the fact it is supposed to be a hydraulic clutch. I noticed a big square cut out of my clutch cover and noticed it had no reservoir. My clutches are slipping in higher gears if i accelerate quickly. The clutch disengages...
  4. Clutch issue F this poop

    Technical Discussion
    OK first let me say I am not your standard wrencher I’ve worked as an automotive technician for 10+ years held multiple ASE very mechanically inclined have rebuilt engines and transmissions differentials and nearly hole cars bike we’re working with 1986 shadow VT 700 C Clutch has the spring...