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  1. Gears change loudly & kind of clunky--clutch issues?

    Technical Discussion
    Hey all, here's the situation, I'm rehabbing a 2001 VT1100C2 that sat for 4 or so years. I haven't worked on a bike in over 20 years and have never owned or worked on any shaft driven bikes, like this one. I have service manual but I feel like i'm missing something. Problem: shifting gears...
  2. 2005 Honda Shadow 750 clutch

    Technical Discussion
    I need to adjust the clutch on my Shadow as when i have the lever pulled all the way in on first gear the engine still tries to catch and go. I tried watching some videos to figure out how to properly adjust it but im not having much luck. Anyone want to help me out?
  3. 2002 Ace Deluxe 750cc-Need Advice! 23yo

    Member Introductions
    Hey guys! I’m Dylon, I live in Denver and have my 2002 Honda Shadow 750cc Ace Deluxe. I got rear ended a while back, and need advice on where I can get reliable replacement fenders. Also, anybody ever done their own CUSTOM wiring? I want to create my own turn signals, from power source to switch...
  4. 2005 honda shadow aero 750 clutch issue - at a loss

    Technical Discussion
    I picked up a bike that was just sitting around the house over three years, I replaced cables ( clutch, and throttle A and B) new Barrett Clutch Kit installed following the previous layout that was on the bike. so here is the problem I was trying to set the clutch cable to allow the clutch...