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cooling system

  1. '85 VT700 cooling issues and the damn fan.

    Technical Discussion
    I cannot find for the life of me what temp the bike should be for "normal" operating temp. I finally have mine together and took her out for a drive. She ran GREAT! but while I was driving in the beginning the temp looked OK? My Temp gauge has the word "TEMP" and the needle was right in the...
  2. 2002 VLX600 bogs or stalls at low RPM under load, except after a highway run, when it seems ok for a bit

    Technical Discussion
    We recently picked up a 2002 VLX600 (our second Shadow, I rode an '84 VT500C for many years) and I'd love a second opinion on some behavior it's showing: It runs fine on even a small amount of choke, and once warm, will idle and rev fine in neutral with no choke at all. But as soon as you...