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  1. 03 750 Honda Shadow motor sale or trade for 600 Shadow motor

    Have a 750 Honda Shadow that I bought from a family member I have a 600 bobber that I need a motor for and I'm willing to trade or sell the 750 motor and frame and fenders handlebars and etc for a 95 600cc Honda Shadow motor ....
  2. SUV aftermarket LED tail lights for a custom VT750DC

    Technical Discussion
    I'm in the design/planning stage for customizing my 2003 Shadow VT750DCB and I got the stupid/brilliant idea to replace the tail lights and turn signals with a tall, slightly curved pair of lights from a Cadillac or GMC Yukon. I'd like to see a backrest for the bobbed seat with the lights...
  3. 96 vt1100c2 Bobber Parts

    Technical Discussion
    So, I've been reading around and before the comment comes (which it will) I know ALOT of the things I'm after are going to have to be modded to fit. BUT, I'm still looking for people who have been there done that, maybe with some info to help me move faster than they did. I'm trying to do some...
  4. 1997 honda shadow 1100 custom intake and cobra exhaust mods.

    Technical Discussion
    I bought a 1997 Honda shadow 1100 a while back. I removed the stock intake and installed a cyclonic K&N air filter, cobra jet kit and cobra slash cut exhaust. I am having problems getting the carbs tuned correctly. I followed the instructions that came with the cobra jet kit but my bike sounds...