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  1. Bogging after 1/4 throttle - New Dyno Needle - shadow 600 88'

    Technical Discussion
    Hoping to get a little help with either the needle or main jet. 1988 Honda shadow 600 - dual carb Velocity stacks and short open pipes. Before the Dyno needle: pilot 42, main 145, the Stock needle with 2 shims/washers. screws 2.5 turns. It was running pretty rich. but would run fine...
  2. Do I need to ungrade my pilot jets?

    Technical Discussion
    I have a 2002 Honda Shadow ACE 750 with cobra straight pipes with no baffles, stock air filter, and I just upgraded added a stage 1 dyno jet kit and followed the directions on the box. When I started it back up it ran badly and popped when I decelerated at lower speeds. I ended up backing out...