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electrical prob

  1. Project bike no spark

    Technical Discussion
    Let me preface. I'm completely new when it comes to bikes and I decided to go with a project bike because of the cost and because I wanted to learn all I could. The engine is a 2010 750 shadow and the frame is a 2000 frame. The owner told me the wiring harness is from a 2010 aswell. The...
  2. VT 1100 Wiring Harness Issue

    Technical Discussion
    So we have been working on getting my bike I got up and running and have determined we need a new wiring harness but everywhere I look I cant find one to buy that I know would be the correct one. So do you guys know where I can get one or if there is an alternative one to buy that matches? Part...
  3. VLX600 No power to switches or headlight.

    Technical Discussion
    Hi guys, I've pretty much tried everything and am now turning to you guys for help. I am building this bobber and I can't seem to get power to any of the switches, headlights or the cluster lights. I already replaced the stator solenoid thinking that was the reason but no. I can jump the...
  4. Intermittent open circuit...Help me find it!

    Technical Discussion
    Here's a mystery: 2012 Shadow Aero VT750C: on my last ride, while cruising with steady throttle I felt the bike lose power for about a second, three times. Once I got home, I turned the key off, then back on ... nothing, deader than a dead hammer. I tried a few more times, jiggled the key...