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  1. VT 1100 Wiring Harness Issue

    Technical Discussion
    So we have been working on getting my bike I got up and running and have determined we need a new wiring harness but everywhere I look I cant find one to buy that I know would be the correct one. So do you guys know where I can get one or if there is an alternative one to buy that matches? Part...
  2. VLX600 No power to switches or headlight.

    Technical Discussion
    Hi guys, I've pretty much tried everything and am now turning to you guys for help. I am building this bobber and I can't seem to get power to any of the switches, headlights or the cluster lights. I already replaced the stator solenoid thinking that was the reason but no. I can jump the...
  3. 86 Vt 500c electrical problems

    Technical Discussion
    I have a 1986 shadow vt500c, just finished rebuilding carbs and synchronizing them and bike was running perfectly the whole time I was working on it, once finished I shut the bike off and re installed the air breather tube and fuel tank. I then when to start the bike and nothing, the lights...
  4. 2006 Shadow ace vt750dc

    Technical Discussion
    I just bought the bike and was doing a tune up on it while i was doing it i tore one of the spark plug wires out of the boot/cap i pulled it out while taking the wire out i noticed where it connects to the ignition coil is a screw in type connector best way i can explain it. Not sure if i should...
  5. Main cluster connector terminals

    Technical Discussion
    Hello, I have looked all over and cannot find an answer. I am rewiring my 1985 shadow vt700 and cannot find contacts for the connectors behind the light cluster. They are some sort of flat blade molex or something. Does anybody know exactly what they are and if I can buy them? I would perfer not...
  6. Electrical jolt resets trip meter!

    Technical Discussion
    sometimes when I go to start the bike the starter pops but it does not start. second time it starts right up like nothing is wrong. But my clock and trip meters all reset to zero. Odometer stays put though. some additional info. It is a brand new bike from dealer purchased back in 2017. I...
  7. Plugged Battery In, Sparked The Positive End On Frame, Now Bike Is Dead

    Technical Discussion
    I recently put a new battery in my 02 vt1100. The positive end touched the frame and sparked, and now no lights, nothing. Checked all fuses and they all look good. Any thoughts???
  8. Honda Shadow Ace 750cc 2003 starting issues

    Technical Discussion
    Hey guys, New member here! Second season riding with my 750 Ace 2003 - had an amazing first season last year. Bike was fully inspected by a certified motorcycle mechanics November of 2019 before it was stored. Everything was top condition. I stored it inside an indoor garage, and removed...
  9. Ignition Coil Differences?

    Technical Discussion
    Currently, my 1995 Honda Shadow Ace 1100 VT1100C2 is down. I had a mechanic come and diagnose it and we found out that the ignition coils were receiving power, but not sending power to the spark plugs. I was suggested to purchase 2 new ignition coils and also replacement for the wires which is...
  10. Just feel like being DIFFERENT

    Member Introductions
    New to the scene . 97 Shadow ACE . You be the judge . Normal is over rated . ENJOY THE RANTS .
  11. Bike won't turn on

    Technical Discussion
    Hey guys, I own a 2000 vt1100c recently having issues with the bike recently. Road to work smelled something of that of over burnt tobacco. Thought nothing of it cause you know people smoke. Ride home smell it again turns out it was the bike. I turn off the key to find the origin of the smell...
  12. Blinker light on gauge stuck on

    Technical Discussion
    Hey guys, I’m new here and also a new shadow owner. So I just recently installed new blinkers on my bike and now the blinker light on my gauge cluster is constantly on. Also the rear blinkers are constantly on (can’t remember if this is normal). Thanks again guys, also just wanted to say this...
  13. Electrical issues

    Technical Discussion
    So I just bought my 1985 shadow vt700c had to run wire to the tail light. Ended up slipping and the wire hit the frame while power was on. Lost all power. How do I fix this problem
  14. 94 Honda Shadow - electrical issue - wont turn over at all

    Technical Discussion
    I have a 94 Shadow vt1100. I ride this bike often and it's been running great until today when I tried to start it something went wrong with the electrical system. I got on the bike, turned the key on, flipped the switch on the handlebars and hit the starter switch and the bike turned over...