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    My exhaust came with baffles and I took them out yesterday. The bike really sounded good and I fear only noise ordinances and regulations in operating the vehicle with open pipes. ( I used to ride a xs11 Yamaha in Laguna Hills and I was the Police in Laguna Beach allowed unmuffled pipes.)
  2. Technical Discussion
    Hello, My Honda Shadow 400 cc engine sound becomes higher when i drive for about 20-30 mins....the sound is like I'm using the fuel throttle, but I'm not even when i;m not moving!!
  3. Technical Discussion
    Hi everyone, new here! So I recently purchased my first motorcycle! I have no clue about them mechanically. I’ve not gotten to ride the motorcycle yet as I’m busy but I’ve been making sure to run her every week. When starting the motorcycle I’ve noticed a “clacking” sound and I wasn’t sure...
  4. Technical Discussion
    2001 Honda Shadow Sabre VT1100C2 I have the following problems and could use some advice. I have the Clymers and YouTube and little cash. So I do all my own wrenching on all my vehicles and am almost always successful on fixing problems the right way, the first time. I drive my bike year round...
1-4 of 4 Results