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  1. Technical Discussion
    Hey yall, A bit bummed today as I just found out my '83 VT500 Shadow needs a head gasket job. Losing coolant quickly(ish), some white smoke from exhaust (rear cylinder), residual white smoke from intake after shutoff (took the intake snorkel and boots off to check right after I shut it down)...
  2. Technical Discussion
    Thank you in advance any help is appreciated. I'm needing to know if an HD tour glide 88ci motor fit in my 1985 vt700c frame?
  3. Technical Discussion
    Is there a way to swap my 750 ace motor with a newer model that has fuel injection? Super curious.
  4. Technical Discussion
    First off hello I am new to the group and am looking for some help! I just purchased a beautiful 2002 Honda shadow Sabre 1100. It was a great deal because it needs a engine! I am looking at used engines on Ebay, and was wondering can anyone point me in the right direction. What years work? What...
  5. Technical Discussion
    Good morning everyone, I have a 1986 VT1100 that has about 36k miles on it. Was running beautifully when I bought it last year and now is starting to have some issues. It had sit for a while and needed a good carb cleaning and a fuel pump before it would run again. I now have it running but it...
1-5 of 5 Results