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  1. Technical Discussion
    Hello everyone I picked up my 06 shadow Aero 750 a few months ago. I met a guy today that had an 04 spirit 1100. He still has a set of cobra slash cut pipes for it he is wanting to sell for cheap. Would these fit on my Aero? They seem to be the same size. Thank you an advance!
  2. Technical Discussion
    Hi, I was "inspecting" the bike pre-ride today and noticed there is gas coming at the "joint" (image attached with the area highlighted). Is this considered a leak? Is it ok to leave it? If not, is there a way for me to seal it myself?
  3. Technical Discussion
    so I was riding an notice my bike gotta bit louder an making a weird puttering noise an once I checked the bike I noticed I’m missing both bolts on my rear exhaust an it’s no longer connected, I’m new to ridin an don’t know what size bolts I need an if there’s any other info I could use I’d...
  4. Technical Discussion
    Hello, I noticed the chrome paint on the head of my exhasut ( not sure what the right term is) is peeling. Is there a reason this is happening ( sign of a problem)? How can I prevent it? Best solution to fix it? Do i just paint with a brush? So many questions hahaha any help is appreciated.
  5. Technical Discussion
    I haven't been able to find a good consensus on whether a fuel tuner is needed if installing aftermarket exhaust alone. Has anyone else bought aftermarket exhaust, specifically Cobra slashdowns, and needed a fuel tuner?
  6. Technical Discussion
    I can not figure out how to put the exhaust back together on my Honda shadow.please someone help me.
  7. 139520452_10159088448609120_2063871902620562279_n.jpg

    My exhaust came with baffles and I took them out yesterday. The bike really sounded good and I fear only noise ordinances and regulations in operating the vehicle with open pipes. ( I used to ride a xs11 Yamaha in Laguna Hills and I was the Police in Laguna Beach allowed unmuffled pipes.)
  8. Technical Discussion
    I inherited a 98 Honda shadow aero 1100, with no exhaust. I can’t seem to find any place that sells replacements, should I look at getting a custom exhaust or are there pipes from other models that will fit?
  9. Member Introductions
    Hey everyone, Just bought a 1998 shadow ace vt1100t and really really like the bike. It’s got a little over 20k miles but rides like a dream. The only issue I have is how quiet it is. My personal preference is loud pipes and all the research I’ve done has literally got me no where. I know...
  10. General Bike Discussion
    1998 honda shadow 600 vlx looking for a compatible alternative to my stock exhaust pipes since i cant buy new set from V&H . Please any suggestions ?
1-10 of 10 Results