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  1. Help: Decel Pop From Exhaust w/Fully Stock Bike

    Technical Discussion
    Hello! I recently bought my 2009 Shadow Aero 750 with 16k miles and I'm now noticing in 2nd and 3rd gear some rapid popping from the exhaust (Afterfire?) during engine breaking... I know this is usually caused by adding aftermarket parts w/o rejetting carbs but my bike is COMPLETELY stock, even...
  2. Where would i find an an exhaust for my 95 shadow ace vt1100c2 ?

    General Bike Discussion
    I have a 95 shadow ace. I had the fortune of taking it on a long road trip and along the way the exaust system broke. i spent almost a month looking for a stock or aftermarket exhaust for it and no luck. Hundreds of dollars later and a mickey mouse repair on it, I was able to make it home. I...
  3. how to make short drag pipes quieter

    Technical Discussion
    Just bought a 98 honda shadow ace vt750, the last owner chopped the stock exhaust into what looks like short shots (did a crappy job) and wrapped em up to cover the mess of a job he did. It is way too loud, I need a way to quiet them down without spending a ton of money. Will buying slip on...
  4. 1998 Shadow Ace vt1100t Exhaust fitment

    General Bike Discussion
    Having a hard time finding a dual system for this bike. Vance and hines no longer makes the true dual for this model. Cobra dosent offer anything. Is there ANY other exhaust from another bike that would fit or Anyone have one they want to sell. Any info would be appreciated. !!!
  5. 07 Honda Spirit VT750DC V&H Straightshots questions

    Technical Discussion
    I recently acquired a 2007 Spirit VT750DC, and want to upgrade the exhaust. My dad (Previous owner) told me I'd have to rejet the carb to install pipes, which I don't mind doing but I'm curious as to if I actually have to, and if I do (or don't and it's just recommended) as to what jet kit I...
  6. 88' Shadow 600 black smoke and fire out of one exhaust pipe

    Technical Discussion
    Issue: I have one tailpipe (back engine block) putting up black smoke and fire w/ throttle. Bucs hard at 1/4-1/2 throttle. I have played with the mixture screws all the way from 1/2 turn to 3 turns 1/2 turn = pings at idle, afterfire on decel, bucks hard... all symptoms of lean. 1 - 3 turns = a...
  7. Vance and Hines Vs Cobra

    Technical Discussion
    Hello! I just bought a 2014 Honda Shadow Phantom and hate the stupid Chrome stock exhaust pipes it comes with lol I’m torn between the Vance and Hines Short Shots or the Cobra Street Rod Slash downs. My wife rides with me a lot too so would either have a negative effect? Thanks!!
  8. Bend exhaust bracket

    Technical Discussion
    I was riding and my bike slipped out on a turn (wasn't going very fast, and im ok) and now my exhaust is bent upwards, I think its the bracket that is actually bend, anyway I can fix this?