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  1. Technical Discussion
    Trying to find a heel to shifter for my '03 vt750 ACE. I don't need the rider floorboards just the heel toe shifter. Been looking and can't find anything decent. Anyone have a link to a decent one? Also, has anyone installed passenger floorboards in their vt750? I don't have a lot of...
  2. Technical Discussion
    I have a 2005 Shadow VLX Deluxe VT600CD. I don't like the 1-pegged shift lever. I have ridden other bikes that have 2-pegged ("dual") shift levers so you push down for ALL shifts, either on the front OR the rear peg. Does anyone know of a dual shift lever something like this that will fit my...
  3. Body Parts and Seats For Sale
    Hey everyone, I’m selling a pair of chrome cobra floorboards I got with my shadow from the dealership. I changed to original pegs recently and have no desire to even keep these. Im new to the motorcycle scene and selling parts seems pretty tough and my tattoo artist recommend I sell on here...
  4. Technical Discussion
    Hello everyone, I ride a 1986 VT1100 with footboards, and the right footboard is loose to the point where it spins if I put any weight on it at all (for example, shifting in my seat or standing up slightly to go over a bump). I am trying to avoid taking it to the mechanic if possible, so I...
  5. Technical Discussion
    I'm building a vt1100c into a more aggressive styling and I hate the floor boards and i have no idea how to convert them to pegs. Any help?
1-5 of 5 Results