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  1. Technical Discussion
    Hey yall! 2002 honda shadow vlx600c . I have been trying to find replacement gaskets for what I believe is the valve cover gasket or the head cover. I'm not great with the terminology and that's probably why I can find them. I took these aluminum covers off to polish the while doing a build and...
  2. Technical Discussion
    I have a slight oil leak from the top part of what I believe would be called the crankcase (according to the pdf manual I downloaded) but I'm not totally sure. I think it's just the gasket getting old behind it because bits of rubber have come off of that area but I want to make sure I buy the...
  3. Technical Discussion
    Today I attempted to install new clutch springs in my 2005 Honda Shadow Spirit. I used a scotch brite pad to clean the mating surfaces between the crankcase cover and the crankcase. I wiped down the parts inside the best I could and then sealed the case back together with Hondabond sealant...
1-3 of 3 Results