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  1. Need advice for Ape Hangers on 06 Aero

    Technical Discussion
    Hello all, first time poster here. I recently got a 2006 Shadow Aero. I do not have much knowledge on parts so I'm asking for advice I know I will have to drill out the bushing to put in new risers. I would like to change the handlebars to a set of Ape Hangers, but I am hoping someone can...
  2. Ape Hanger/General Handlebar Question

    Technical Discussion
    Hi community, I am fairly new still to the motorcycle world and would appreciate some input and answers for some questions. In general, I would like to replace the stock handlebars of my 1995 Honda Shadow Ace 1100. About a week ago, I was speaking to an agent from JP Cycles about...
  3. Need to know original length of cables leading to bars

    Technical Discussion
    I’m changing my bars ten inch bars, and my cables are to short not sure how to get the appropriate length of cables needed, so figured I would start with the oem cables length an go up from there
  4. 97 vt1100 ace Progress

    General Bike Discussion
    Couple months ago I bought a 97 vt1100 ace in great shape, it was well maintained by the previous owner, has just over 87000km on it, I've got things I'm changing out on it and I've been able to do a few different things so far. I'll continue to post pics until I'm at where I'd like to be with it.
  5. Post Wreck Help

    Technical Discussion
    Hi All, I know you've heard this story before. An SUV pulled out in front me recently and caused significant damage to my 2012 Shadow Phantom's front end. I've made all of the repairs, replacing all the damaged or broken parts, but have one lingering problem. The alignment from the handlebars...
  6. Mini-ape hanger bars - Best way to find cable length?

    Member Introductions
    I'm purchasing new handlebars for my 2002 Honda Shadow Spirit VT750DC, and I've read that it's very likely that the cables won't be long enough for this. Any recommonendations on how to figure out best length so that there aren't any issues with controls? Side questions, any recommendations on...
  7. Removing fuse box from 1985 shadow vt500

    Technical Discussion
    Hey Forum, I recently started a project 1985 vt500, i'm planning to restore it and after that I will most likely start chopping away at it. Thing is, the fuse box itself on this bike is this ugly looking box right in the middle of the handlebars. I was wondering if it would be possible to...