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  1. Technical Discussion
    Ok my experience is limited at best but here’s how far I got. The fuse is fine, the bulb is new, opened up the switch, cleaned everything, no broken wires/solders…. I still suspect the switch but as far as my diag skills I’ve hit my limit. I do have the service manual so a little guidance and I...
  2. Technical Discussion
    Hey all i was looking to see if anybody has retrofitted a led headlight assembly into the stock housing on their 2006 vt1100c2? I bought one i really like but cannot seem to figure out how to mount it in place properly. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
  3. Technical Discussion
    I was tired of getting flashed for my bright halogen headlight so I got a standard 9003 bulb and switched out the halogen. The light works fine but today I drove 60 miles and after shutting her off, I went back 15 minutes later and tried to start her up but battery was almost completely dead and...
  4. Technical Discussion
    So I'm a new rider an its my daily i live here in Fl so mornings can be dark when I bought the bike the guy told me it was a custom bike an the bike doesn't have a switch between daylights an brights so I wanted to know what my options were in lines of led or maybe something along the lines of a...
  5. Technical Discussion
    The 65W OPT7 that was so highly recommended in several threads here is no longer available. Now they are 72W. Since stock is 55W, what is the max that we can put in? What is the fuse size for the headlamp circuit?
  6. General Bike Discussion
    Hey everyone, Wondering if anyone knows of a site that I would be able to find a new led or projector headlight for a '14 phantom 750? Thanks
  7. Member Introductions
    Whatsup y’all! Name is Mike and I have owned a 2015 Honda Shadow Phantom for a little over a month now. Second owner. Got it all stock so heres some upgrades I’ve done to it. (All eBay parts). Cheap me. I know. Haha!
  8. General Bike Discussion
    I have a 2000 shadow ACE 750 and need a LED headlight assembly to replace what I have from stock. Has anyone had any luck finding something? Could you post a link or give some direction if you’re happy with what you have. Thank you.
  9. Technical Discussion
    Hi, new here so hope this is the right area. Have searched the forums abit but havent found my answer. I hope this isnt as stupid a question as it sounds. I have a 1987 honda shadow 700c, had a fall a while back and smashed up the headlight. Recently got my hands on a new headlight housing, but...
  10. Member Introductions
    New to the scene . 97 Shadow ACE . You be the judge . Normal is over rated . ENJOY THE RANTS .
  11. Technical Discussion
    Hey everyone, I have a 2008 Aero. I wanted to replace the headlight with an LED I wanted and not just the bulb, but the whole assembly with a halo ring. I picked up the WISAMIC 5-3 LED Headlight with Halo DRL for $50. It plugs in and the controls work on the high/low beam. The issue is that the...
1-11 of 11 Results