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  1. New guy with an a problem I can't figure out, looking for some help.

    Technical Discussion
    I recently was given an '85 Honda Shadow VT700. It was my brother-in-laws and he had started a bobber project on it. When I received it it had been sitting in his widow's garage for about 4 years. The tank was empty and without thinking I added some gas and attempted to start it... It...
  2. Front Turn Signal Help

    Technical Discussion
    I have a 2000 VT1100C, I'm upgrading from incandescent turn signals to led. Got the rear lights mounted and they worked, then I found out the front turn signals are 3 wire and the ones I bought are 2 wire. I can plug them in and they work, however they flash real fast and when I have it plugged...
  3. Advice Needed: Bobber Build - 2007 Honda Shadow (Shaft) Aero

    General Bike Discussion
    I have a 2007 Shadow Aero that I want to rip down and turn into a bobber inspired (not going hard tail yet) attitude bike. I have the Clymers manual and a little experience working on bikes. Below is the first phase of what I want to do, I'm going to do this in two or three phases. I'm looking...
  4. Brake light issues

    Technical Discussion
    Bought an axle mounted brake light/license plate kit. Led light is three wires Red, Blue, Black, when I plug it in light comes on but will not activate with either brake switch. When I plug the oem light back in it functions normally. Btw the bike is a 2000 VT1100C any advice helps
  5. exhaust replacement

    Technical Discussion
    hello, the exhaust from 2001 Ace 1100 cc is the same that the one in my 2001 sabre 1100 c2? thanks
  6. Need help!!!! Extended control cables

    General Bike Discussion
    So I just recently purchased a 12” burly 1” narrow ape hanger and new grips for my 09 Honda shadow spirit. I don’t know how to measure my cables but the bar are about 4-5 inches higher than stock with the risers I bought. Does Any one know where I can get some extended cables are 6 inches...