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    What's the best kind of welder to use? Roughly what's this going to cost? How much Amp is needed? I'll be using it to weld my frame, yes after I cut it all up. Any information helps. Thanks!
  2. Technical Discussion
    I have a 2005 honda shadow spirit 1100. I am wrapping the bike and am in need of knowing how to remove the lock from the side panel on the right side. I also need it to be in working condition to put back in afterwards if that is possible. I noticed the small retention clip that I had removed...
  3. Technical Discussion
    So I took off my carb too clean it. The bike had sat for about a year or two. And my throttle now won’t move at all. It’s not moving forward or backward. Push or pull. I checked the cables. They work when not attached to the bracket they go in. I’m lost any one know what I could do??
  4. Technical Discussion
    Okay so I’m new to the bike world. I got my 1985 Honda VT700 a couple weeks back and I was riding a little to hard the other day and I felt a loss of power then today when I went to ride it was having trouble idling and I had no power when driving. Also the entire right side of the engine was...
  5. Technical Discussion
    I am looking to replace my old one spirit rear fender with a saber fender that I got for cheap and is a color match. Unfortunately, there are no mounting holes for the original seat. I thought of a solution that doesn’t require welding; drill holes in the new fender and stick bolts up through...
  6. Technical Discussion
    Be Prepared! This is a long story but I could really use some help. I have a 1986 Honda shadow vt1100 that I purchased about 2 months ago that was labeled with “clutch problems” after getting it home I discovered the lever would only pull in about 1/4 of the way then stop, and when it was...