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  1. Thank you for all of your support and opinions negative and positive

    General Bike Discussion
    This is a big deal I will have to travel for hours round trip just to pick the bike up but it is absolutely showroom quality from what I understand. the young man song that has several bikes of antique nature and origin all Hondas some CBS and I believe that it's just time for him to get rid of...
  2. Help: Decel Pop From Exhaust w/Fully Stock Bike

    Technical Discussion
    Hello! I recently bought my 2009 Shadow Aero 750 with 16k miles and I'm now noticing in 2nd and 3rd gear some rapid popping from the exhaust (Afterfire?) during engine breaking... I know this is usually caused by adding aftermarket parts w/o rejetting carbs but my bike is COMPLETELY stock, even...
  3. Reupholster Seat ?

    General Bike Discussion
    Hi all, so my 85 Shadow project is just about done. I’m looking for any recs for reupholstering the original seat ? The leather is completely cracked and the stitching is falling out, but the foam is still intact for the most part. Suggestions on places to take it to get reupholstered, or maybe...
  4. Carb Kit ?

    Technical Discussion
    So I have decided that I need to get a rebuild kit for my 85 VT500 as it currently leaks fuel out of the right carb bowl. I think that it is from a stuck float, but figured I should just get a rebuild kit and replace all my gaskets anyways. Anyone have any links to rebuild kits ? On a side...
  5. Slow Fuel Leak

    Technical Discussion
    Hi again, So I put in a new starter motor, new spark plugs and changed the oil on my 85 VT500, and now I noticed a slow drip coming from my carbs dripping onto my crank case. Not sure what it’s from though, as it is such a slow leak. She runs great now aside from that, but just looking for...
  6. OD rides rough

    Technical Discussion
    Hi all, I’m new to the bike scene. Bought a 1985 Honda VT500 a couple of days ago. Everything works great, (for the most part), but today I took it on the highway for the first time and when I shifted into 6th gear it rode SUPER choppy, almost like it was running out of fuel. 5th gear was smooth...
  7. Slow Speed Question

    Technical Discussion
    I am a new rider and first time bike owner. I bought a used 06 Shadow 750. I am not familiar with how fast or powerful these bikes are supposed to be, but went with the 750 because I wanted something easy enough to manage for a new rider and big enough to take on the freeway for short trips. The...
  8. Starting problem Honda VT800

    Technical Discussion
    Hello all first post having some problems with my ‘88 VT800 Shadow, was running just fine 2days ago did oil and coolant ran fine for a while after that, took off carbs and tank for dent repair and cleaning yesterday put them back on today after no adjustments or anything like that, turned over...
  9. Help! I broke something connected to my carberator!!

    Technical Discussion
    hi my name is Carly, I am a beginner when it comes to riding motorcycles. This is my second bike the first one I only had for about a month. In this 2006 Honda Shadow Spirit 750 DC I've had for less than two weeks. I bought the bike and apparently had been sitting for 5 months. I have changed...
  10. 03 Shadow VLX 600 all origional parts

    Technical Discussion
    Ok here is my dilemma. I bought this bike 2 years ago. When i first bought it ran great. Less than 5000 original miles. Drove about 1000 and rectifier blew all lights and the stator out if the bike. Was all replaced. 2 times by the Honda shop. Since then(last year) the kill switch went...
  11. Carb Differences?

    Technical Discussion
    I’m looking to replace the accelerator pump on my 2003 Honda Shadow VLX 600 if you are familiar with the part it’s also referred to as the “Diaphragm Pump.” My question is, are there any differences in the Carburetors on the VLX 600 and the 750 as far as the actual accelerator pump? I have a...
  12. Help Buying a Used 2002/3 Shadow 750

    General Bike Discussion
    Hi all not sure if this is the correct forum to post this type of question, just joined so sorry if it is lol. But LSS, I have two Shadow 750s that I’m looking into purchasing real soon (one a 2002 and the other a 2003). My question is, are there any particular problems with these bikes that I...
  13. 07 shadow vt750 front coil dead

    Technical Discussion
    I have an 07 shadow spirit 750 and the front coil has a dead feed wire coming off the computer. I have changed the computer(I have a second working bike to share parts) and that isn't the issue. Have also changed the pulse generator as it was bad and the new one is testing within good specs. I...
  14. 2003 VT750DC Shift Arm Oil Leak

    Technical Discussion
    The short version of my question is; What (if any) seal prevents oil from leaking through the gearshift drum casing where the gearshift arm connects to the forks? And the full story; I've recently purchased a 2003 Honda Shadow Spirit and after riding it for a few weeks I noticed the shifter...
  15. Help Diagnosing Oil Leak

    Technical Discussion
    Hello everyone, Brand new to this community so I thought maybe someone out there could lend me some expertise. I own a 2000 Honda VLX600CD, and A couple days ago I noticed oil around this section of my motor. I cleaned it up and then again today 3 days later I see the oil is back. I can’t for...
  16. Big problem - Crank case damage

    Technical Discussion
    Hey all. Been working on a full rebuild on my 1999 honda shadow vt750cd2, and the worst happened. I wasn't paying enough attention to the diagrams in the service manual and installed the shift fork shaft in backwards like a dingus and, well... The pictures pretty much tell it all. So. Question...
  17. 2007 honda shadow spirtit 750 hardware

    General Bike Discussion
    is there anywhere I can find the bolts for the speedometer housing and the screws that go into the kill an starter switch housing? ive searched all over and cant find them.
  18. Oil leak

    Member Introductions
    I have an oil leak on my 2007 Honda shadow spirit. It leaks at the very bottom of my motorcycle, I wasnt sure if the very bottom peice was the oil pan or not.
  19. 1983 VT500C aftermarket turn signal wiring HELP!

    Technical Discussion
    I just bought aftermarket turn signals with two wires, black and red. The bike has 3 wires, one blinker, one running lights and one is ground One side on the bike is orange and white the other side is blue. How would I wire this up for blinkers ? I know I have to delete the running lights but I...