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  1. Technical Discussion
    Hello everyone I have a 2006 Honda Shadow VT750, I recently bought a headlight for it but I cannot seem to get it on AT ALL, the reason is because the fork covers. I'm not familiar with how to get them off and I've looked for brackets for that size but im clueless as to what size my fork tube...
  2. Technical Discussion
    Just ordered 12 inch ape hangars I just need to know if I need wire extensions or I can get away without paying for them. And if I do does anyone know a safe height that I defiantly wouldn't need wire extensions?
  3. Technical Discussion
    hello, I have 1985 honda shadow vt500 and the gear is stuck in 1st. I honestly don't know what to do can you guys give a suggestion on what to do or how to fix it. Thank you.
  4. Technical Discussion
    Hey guys , new to this forum.. I’m having trouble getting my shadow to run at 100% , I installed a new air intake (aftermarket) and rejjeted the carb/ rebuilt it and when I’m at high speeds my bike cuts off like around 80 mph , anybody have idea where to start ?
  5. Technical Discussion
    Hi Guys, Hope someone can help. I got a 1983 Honda Shadow vt750. She didnt want to start so I pulled the carbs out and cleaned them. Bought a rebuild kit, and when I went to replace the a/f screw, one of them went all the way in (turned it in a lot until it sat), and the other just kinda...
  6. Technical Discussion
    2003 Honda shadow start switch does not work but bike will start my jumping by starter solenoid
1-7 of 7 Results