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  1. Technical Discussion
    Hello everyone, Good morning / night. I am working on a 2008 Honda Shadow Aero today the little cable under the kill switch seemed to have broken off. I am currently finding an OEM kill switch & the black piece that goes under it. (Right side lever) I am not sure what it is called if you have...
  2. General Bike Discussion
    Anyone know where to get an after market exhaust for my bike? Not too expensive but a decent one.
  3. Technical Discussion
    Was riding my bike when I tried down shifting into first gear without pressing the clutch in (I know, really dumb of me to do) anyways I had stepped down on the shifter when all of a sudden I heard a snap. I had stopped to check what the matter was, realized the shifter was no longer grabbing...
  4. Technical Discussion
    Im having problems with a set of carbs i rebuilt on my shadow 750 trying to get them dialed in but there are no air fuel mix screws but instead it seems like plugs in the place where they should be. Please help lol ive pulled the carbs off a couple dozen times over the weekend thinking i could...
  5. Technical Discussion
    Hello everyone, I'm new here with a 1985 shadow vt750. My First ever bike. Previous owner started converting it into a bobber. I have the original tail light reconnect and works fine but the warning light won't turn off. Am I missing a ground wire or something?
  6. Technical Discussion
    So I’m very new to bikes. still learning a lot and ended up buying me a project bike. It had been sitting for over a year outside in a dirt lot. The tank was rusty as hell and the carbs were disgusting. Right now I’m just trying to get it running. I’ve replace the hoses, cleaned the gas tank...
  7. Technical Discussion
    Building a honda shadow vt 750 1983, this is my first bike, my 1st build. Am an auto mechanic, bikes are new to me tho. Hoping to learn more about it from this tear down and rebuild. I got it down to about the frame except the driveshaft, got the 10mm hex, the other is a 15 mm right? Looks like...
  8. Technical Discussion
    He seems to think a bolt backed out and caused it but he isn't sure what the bolt is called.
  9. Technical Discussion
    I have a 2004 Honda shadow aero 750 and don’t like the look of the rear fender Or the front honestly. I’m wanting to change them out with the 2005 Honda shadow spirit 750 rear and front fender. If anyone has any idea if this will work that would help a lot. If those aren’t interchangeable, some...
  10. Technical Discussion
    Need help on how to determine its speedometer or speed sensor spoiled? It was working fine and out of a sudden on the next day it just doesn't move, the lights indications around it working fine. Even the light for the speedometer turn on when my lights turn on, only the needle and the mileage...
  11. Technical Discussion
    I'm a real "parts novice" so I'll do my best to use the correct part names. Bike in question is a 2007 Honda Shadow 750 Spirit C2. I'm in the process of shortening how far the rear brake pedal extends as I'm fairly short and can't easily use the brake pedal. It appears to have been extended by...
1-12 of 12 Results