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  1. shadow 750 ACE..I could have a very rare model and don't even know it

    Technical Discussion
    So I just bought a 2003 honda shadow once I took a closer look to the symbol on the look it says American classic elite so then I learned I had a better bike than a normal much better I still don't know. So I learned I have a shadow a.c.e. (american classic edition)'s my...
  2. VT750 ACE speedometer not working

    Technical Discussion
    Need help on how to determine its speedometer or speed sensor spoiled? It was working fine and out of a sudden on the next day it just doesn't move, the lights indications around it working fine. Even the light for the speedometer turn on when my lights turn on, only the needle and the mileage...
  3. Bike runs like crap and im stumped in whats wrong with it..

    Technical Discussion
    So I got my 2000 Shadow 750 running and the bike just feels off, theres some slight back pressure when throttle and there's this air spitting out from the left side of the carburetor, I found where the air is coming from and after some research I think there is supposed to be a hose connecting...