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  1. New bars, master cylinder angle

    Technical Discussion
    I am putting on new bars and, i noticed witht hem the master cylinder is not level now. Is this ok? If its not can someonr please recommend some alternatives please. Thanks in advance!
  2. Where does the hoses go for carb

    Technical Discussion
    I got a 1998 Honda shadow VT 1100 V-twin and took the carburetor off to clean now it’s back in the bike but I’m not sure where any of the hoses hook up
  3. Ignition Coil Differences?

    Technical Discussion
    Currently, my 1995 Honda Shadow Ace 1100 VT1100C2 is down. I had a mechanic come and diagnose it and we found out that the ignition coils were receiving power, but not sending power to the spark plugs. I was suggested to purchase 2 new ignition coils and also replacement for the wires which is...
  4. 89 Shadow VT1100C Starter Relay Wiring

    Technical Discussion
    Guys, need some help please. I am no guru when it comes to wiring. Hate it with a passion. I’m working on my 89 shadow vt1100c. Bought it cheap to fix up and chop. She will not start, so I’m going through all of the wiring. Compression is good, carbs are cleaned, battery is good, etc. The wiring...
  5. 1989 Honda Shadow vt1100 wiring

    Technical Discussion
    Hello all, I am currently trying to wire up my 89’ shadow vt1100. Whomever had this sled before me completely wired this thing with no rhyme or reason. Cut wires, unplugged wires, etc. Literally a **** show. Wiring is my WORST ENEMY, but besides that.. I cannot seem to find a wiring diagram for...