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  1. 96 honda shadow 600 headlight swap

    Technical Discussion
    So I'm a new rider an its my daily i live here in Fl so mornings can be dark when I bought the bike the guy told me it was a custom bike an the bike doesn't have a switch between daylights an brights so I wanted to know what my options were in lines of led or maybe something along the lines of a...
  2. New member from Va

    Member Introductions
    hello everyone, I am a new rider from Virginia. I bought a 1996 Honda Shadow 600vlx for a VERY good deal of $400. It's definitely a fixer upper. It runs decent but either needs the carbs cleaned, rebuilt or replaced. I'm just getting it rideable for now then I'll work on making it nicer. I'll...
  3. VT600C would stall after running for a bit, now I can't even get it to start

    Technical Discussion
    Hey everyone! Unfortunately my first post here is going to be a long one but after searching all over the internet I think I just need to make my own post about this issue. I bought my first bike back in February and have been working on it since but have come up against a problem I can't...
  4. VT600C 91 Brake lights not working

    Technical Discussion
    Hey everyone, My brake lights on my old license plate holder stopped working yesterday, I bought a new license plate holder with a new light and using the rear brake or front brake doesn't do anything. Tail light, direction signals all work. Tested the voltage with a multimeter and it's...
  5. 2001 Honda Shadow VT600c / VLX Questions

    Technical Discussion
    I would like to use this thread as a discussion for maintenance on the Honda Shadow VT600c. I own an '01 and I got it for cheap, I have done a lot of work on it and it still needs a lot more. I would like this to remain professional and no smart A answers/ replies. Two big questions I have is...