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  1. HD Softail Deuce VS. Honda Shadow?! What bike would you want right now any why?!?!

    General Bike Discussion
    Need help making an informed decision on what bike I should buy Husband 2001 Honda Shadow 750= 12,000 Miles2001 HD Soft tail Deuce -1,800 miles!
  2. Air/Fuel Screw Won't go all the way in

    Technical Discussion
    Hi Guys, Hope someone can help. I got a 1983 Honda Shadow vt750. She didnt want to start so I pulled the carbs out and cleaned them. Bought a rebuild kit, and when I went to replace the a/f screw, one of them went all the way in (turned it in a lot until it sat), and the other just kinda...
  3. Honda shadow VT750 phantom 2015 Spark plug

    Technical Discussion
    Hi, i have a question about spark plug for 2015 vt750. i feel not powerful when bike on high l'm looking for change Spark plug. what's the best chose of Spark plug for 2015 vt750?