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  1. Technical Discussion
    Got the bike out today and noticed when I rev it to full rpm it cuts out but comes right back. It doesn’t seem to have any effect on riding.
  2. Technical Discussion
    Hi there Everyone, I have a 2005 Honda Shadow Spirit 750 and recently the speedometer needle stopped working. I have just put in a fresh new battery, oil, sparkplugs and air filter. I thought it may have been the Speedometer Drive gear so I replaced it with a new one. I checked the speed sensor...
  3. Technical Discussion
    Hi folks, I have a Honda Shadow Aero VT750 2013, the speedometer (the one with the needle) isn't working at all, even the odometer is not counting the miles, and all the other lights are working fine. Last week I reviewed all the steps in the shop manual and checked for voltage in the sensor...
  4. Technical Discussion
    bike needed fuel pump(wasn’t priming), and rust treatment. I’ve replaced injectors. New battery. Now the problem I’m having, is the bike cranks just no fuel is getting pushed out. it’ll crank on with starter fluid sprayed in throttle body and hand has to be over throttle body, but when...
  5. Technical Discussion
    Hi Guys im new here but I have heard good things about this forum. So my diaphram for my carburator has a leak and i need parts to replace anyone with any leads. Thanks
  6. General Bike Discussion
    Anyone know where to get an after market exhaust for my bike? Not too expensive but a decent one.
  7. Technical Discussion
    It is my first bike and I drove it a lot but the temp gauge is in the red if I’m. It doing 40 mph or more to cool it down and when I stop it won’t stop reving at 4000 unless I put into a gear low enough to force it below that
  8. Technical Discussion
    What kinda of air filter and fuel filter does a 1997 honda shadow vlx 600cc need? Also what advice would you give to a beginner before switching out these filters?
  9. General Bike Discussion
    So I've been on the search for some decals for my bike('88 vt1100) for quite some time now. I applied for collector status and got turned down because there were no emblems or decals. Does anyone happen to know what they would look like? Called the Honda dealership and they didn't even know what...
  10. Technical Discussion
    I am running into issues with my bike bogging down and eventually stalling out when giving throttle above 2k-2500 rpms while on middle stand in neutral. Bike will start up and idle just fine, issue only starts when giving throttle above the 2k rpm range. When reaching that rpm range the bike...
  11. General Bike Discussion
    Hey all, What's the difference between a VT500 & a VT500c? How would you know if it's an "Ascot"? My Canadian ownership for my 1984 Honda Shadow says VT5, which I assume is for a VT500. The reason I'm asking is that I'm looking for the proper oil filter, air filter and other basic engine...
  12. Member Introductions
    Hello everybody new rider hailing from the swamp lands of Florida. Purchased my first bike a 2020 Honda Shadow Phantom in April. I keep finding myself lurking on these forums finally decided to make an account.
  13. Technical Discussion
    So I’m doing 70mph, my Honda Shadow 750 suddenly shut down but the head lights and park lights stayed on. Quickly grip the clutch and on the way down the hill I tried to jump in 2nd gear. It didn’t start and I heard a weird noise coming from engine. I pulled over and On my way 3rd attempt the...
  14. Technical Discussion
    Hi, i tried to find the answer for this one but seems to hit a wall each time. I am kind of new to the motorcycle world. But my exhaust pipe from my shadow have juste rip appart. The pipe to the gasket is perfeclty fine so i was looking for an after market that fit this original pipe (i dont...
  15. Technical Discussion
    Bought off someone it sat previous 2 years. I drained gas, fresh tank, charged battery, didnt start. Seafoam- started & Ran great, did oil & filter change but put too much oil in it. Starting losing power around 85mph & anything over 1/2 throttle. Noticed too much oil, drained excess out. Pulled...
  16. Technical Discussion
    I just bought myself a 1983 Honda Shadow VT500C recently, and I noticed the carb might needs to be rebuilt. the bike runs sluggish at low rpm, literally will die under 5000rpm, it only runs when choke is on, and RPM drips quick even if I rev it to 5000 rpm... so I took the carb out, cleaned...
  17. General Bike Discussion
    For anyone looking, the Sydney City motorcycles website (Honda dealership in Sydney) has the most comprehensive data on all the parts for Honda motorcycles I've seen. I needed to replace my clutch kit on the 2009 Honda Shadow Spirit VT750C2B, but there were no parts in Australia matching that...
  18. Technical Discussion
    How’s it going fellow motorcycle lovers. I have a 1988 Honda Shadow and want to change the speedometer to a more modern version that reads the oil and temp just as the old one. Does anybody have any suggestions on which I should get? I don’t need it to have blinker, high beam, or neutral light...
  19. Technical Discussion
    So I have a 07 honda shadow vt750dc, it has velocity stacks installed and I was wondering if there was a cover that I could buy to cover the carbs, only thing I can find is for covers that go over the stock air box but since it has the velocity stacks that has been delete.
1-20 of 40 Results