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  1. 2007 Shadow will not start without restricting the air intak to carb

    Technical Discussion
    Folks, I can use some help here. My 2007 sat in garage for more than 2 years and when I started to take it out and start, it just wont. So took the carb out, cleaned and filled the tank with fresh gas. Tried to start the bike and it will just crank and wont start. While troubleshooting, I...
  2. Stalling and Starting while riding. Need help!

    Technical Discussion
    2013 Honda Shadow Spirit 750 In short, while riding my engine will shut off and starts right back up. There is no noticeable pattern, I can be on the clutch, or off the clutch, I can be going into first, or have been riding in 3rd at 30mph, I can be turning, or going straight. One time it...
  3. 1987 honda shadow vt 700 not charging with everything replaced

    Technical Discussion
    I have a vt 700 its an 87 I kept blowing my 30 amp fuses a year ago eventually missed second and reved it up blew the cdi ignitor and the headlight h something connector all the lights in the dash oil neutral etc and my starter solenoid which holds my 30 amp fuses Replaced the starter solenoid...
  4. 2008 Honda Shadow Spirit

    Technical Discussion
    Hello all. I bought my first bike recently (2008 Honda Shadow Spirit) and have done the preventative maintenance that I feel like should be done when you don’t know the maintenance history of a used cycle. New headlight bulb since high beams weren’t working, new tires, air filter, coolant flush...
  5. '93 Honda 600 VLX Turn Signal LED Conversion

    Technical Discussion
    Hey y'all! So we seem to be all too familiar with LED conversion/turn signal problems. I've got one that seems to be different. I've converted all 4 turn signals to LED. After the classic "all four flash" and then "none of them flash" problem, I ended up taking the turn indicator bulb out of...
  6. Need help!!!! Extended control cables

    General Bike Discussion
    So I just recently purchased a 12” burly 1” narrow ape hanger and new grips for my 09 Honda shadow spirit. I don’t know how to measure my cables but the bar are about 4-5 inches higher than stock with the risers I bought. Does Any one know where I can get some extended cables are 6 inches...
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    2010 honda shadow rs vt750
  8. For Sale 2013 Honda Shadow 750 ---- reduced !

    Bikes For Sale
    I'm selling my 2013 Honda Shadow 750---- it is in excellent condition with only 6985 miles. Comes with leather saddlebags, sissybar with a back pad, and a luggage rack, and has had a recent oil change. It has a very comfortable ride, and an excellent sounding exhaust --- not too loud, but not...
  9. 1983 Honda shadow 500 no crank HELP

    Technical Discussion
    So I just purchased a 1983 Honda shadow 500 in rough condition, been sitting for years and it shows. I got it home and started to see if i can get it to start or do something. Had no ignition key so I spliced the two wires together and got the lights to come on then I push the start buttons and...
  10. Is 140psi Compression enough?

    Technical Discussion
    I’ve got an ‘83 750 I’m trying to get running, and I’m stuck on getting it to fire. The battery has to be recharged after every starting attempt session I do, but it does have spark on all plugs. The plugs are wet upon examination and I even shot a little fuel through the carbs to encourage it...
  11. Newcomer to the Honda family

    Member Introductions
    Hey guys, I’m Santi! New to the forum and just wanted to introduce myself! I have a 2015 Honda Shadow Phantom 750. Definitely loving it. Currently needs some repairs at the moment from a incident I had recently so I would definitely love AND APPRECIATE suggestions from my fellow Honda fans! I’ll...