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  1. Technical Discussion
    Hi riders, just wondering what size the wheel bearings are in both the front and rear wheel for a VT750C 04 Shadow? Cheers
  2. Technical Discussion
    Hi folks, I have a Honda Shadow Aero VT750 2013, the speedometer (the one with the needle) isn't working at all, even the odometer is not counting the miles, and all the other lights are working fine. Last week I reviewed all the steps in the shop manual and checked for voltage in the sensor...
  3. Bikes For Sale
    Mint, matted mufflers. Two owners.
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  4. Technical Discussion
    i recently acquired a 2001 shadow vt750 , i noticed that it sounded like it was running on one cylinder . so i take out plugs and do a spark check on the front of the motor and all goes good . the back on the other hand is getting nothing at all ! thing is it starts like nothing is wrong with...
  5. Technical Discussion
    So I have had my bike for a while now and since I’ve had it the lights tend to flash when at idle, it kinda like a very subtle blink. Ive linked a video (Bike lights ) I put in a new bartt and it still happens any help bike is a 08 vt750 C
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    Honda Shadow VLX CD 600 Deluxe
  7. General Bike Discussion
    Hi guys! Thought you may like to see a pic of Honda variations sold in India at the moment. So I decided I’d worked hard enough this year and deserved a break! And what a break! Complete and utter culture shock! The place is so…alive…everyone doing something! I made these notes after first...
  8. Technical Discussion
    DRL running lights. Help needed. Does the DRL share the same fuse as the blinkers? Backstory I added LED lights to the front and back. Did the front forks/blinkers first. Added relay/diodes to fix fast blinking. Everything worked fine including the white running lights on the new blinkers...
  9. Technical Discussion
    I was wondering if a vt600 and a vt750 had the same passenger foot pegs? They look the same but wanted to make sure they’re the same before purchasing. Thank you.
  10. Technical Discussion
    So I need some help, I just put biltwell chumps on my '07 shadow spirit Now I need longer cables both throttle and clutch and a front brake hose Can anyone suggest a site that can help and that ships to Iceland Thanks in advance
  11. Technical Discussion
    Hi, let me introduce myself my name is Harry and I’m new to the Forum. I have a 2008 VT750C2 Honda Shadow Spirit I’m having issues with, I change the oil and went to start it to cycle the oil through the bike and realized I left the dip stick out so it started spraying oil through the dip stick...
  12. Technical Discussion
    I Just bought the bike not long ago, but I noticed when I rode it home from the dealer the throttle response seemed a bit off. Like if I got on the throttle hard it would be a 1 sec delay then accelerate and not much as I feel it should be, it seems Boggy or struggles to accelerate. few days...
  13. Technical Discussion
    Hey all! First bike, first post. Got a 2006 Honda Shadow VT750DC (dual carb), 5700 miles. I cant get the bike to run. Symptoms: It will start on full choke but then die out after 30 seconds or so, if I set it to ½ choke after 30 seconds it will run an additional 10-15 seconds then die. It...
  14. Technical Discussion
    Hey guys I got this mostly mint ascot from 84 with 8,3kk on the clock. She basically doesnt wanna do anything else other than idle especially after she gets up to temp. I have a manual on the way along with the rest of my incomplete fuel/vacuum system and a new air filter. Fresh oil change not...
  15. Technical Discussion
    Hey everyone, to the ones who have seen my past posts, I have ended up taking my bike to get tuned and should hopefully get it back next week. I do have another question however. I bought a fairing for my bike and I'm looking to hopefully find a vinyl wrap that is the same/ pretty damn close to...
  16. Technical Discussion
    So I bought a vt750 honda shadow with the duel carbs and the guy before me installed velocity stacks and rejetted, well it sputtered when I gave it lots of throttle, anywhere for about half to wide open so I bought a rejett kit and when I opened the carb i discovered he had 1 main jet at 145 and...
  17. Technical Discussion
    Hey everyone, although I am a nw member, I have been lingering around the forum for months and trying to read up on as much as I can before asking questions. I am in a bit of a bind. I recently purchasd a 2000 VT1100 Aero as what I thoought was a complete bike. Found out shortly later that I...
  18. Technical Discussion
    Sorry if this is a repost I have velocity stacks installed on my 07 shadow vt750dc it's a dual carb and I have this problem where it gets starved for air whenever I give it lots of throttle, if I go easy on it its fine amd it revs fine at idle, what can I do to fix this.
  19. Technical Discussion
    anyone know the best oil to use for a 2007 Honda shadow? I’ve seen people use both synthetic and conventional. I’ve also read that synthetic oil with cause a slipping clutch.
  20. Technical Discussion
    I bought a non-running 1986 Honda Shadow vt500c as a project bike when covid started. I have the bike cranking and it will run in first gear and shift from first to neutral and back, but it will not go into 2nd gear. Anybody have any suggestions?
1-20 of 32 Results