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ignition issue

  1. Project bike no spark

    Technical Discussion
    Let me preface. I'm completely new when it comes to bikes and I decided to go with a project bike because of the cost and because I wanted to learn all I could. The engine is a 2010 750 shadow and the frame is a 2000 frame. The owner told me the wiring harness is from a 2010 aswell. The...
  2. Honda Shadow Ace 750cc 2003 starting issues

    Technical Discussion
    Hey guys, New member here! Second season riding with my 750 Ace 2003 - had an amazing first season last year. Bike was fully inspected by a certified motorcycle mechanics November of 2019 before it was stored. Everything was top condition. I stored it inside an indoor garage, and removed...
  3. Ignition Coil Differences?

    Technical Discussion
    Currently, my 1995 Honda Shadow Ace 1100 VT1100C2 is down. I had a mechanic come and diagnose it and we found out that the ignition coils were receiving power, but not sending power to the spark plugs. I was suggested to purchase 2 new ignition coils and also replacement for the wires which is...
  4. 09 Honda Shadow 750 won't start after being garaged for three years

    Technical Discussion
    So, im new here... I have looked at threads like this and my issue seems to be somewhat unique... my bike was running perfectly when parked, i had to charge the battery last year to start her... but other than that she always fire right up. Now we brought her to out to get her going so first...