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ignition system

  1. 2006 Shadow ace vt750dc

    Technical Discussion
    I just bought the bike and was doing a tune up on it while i was doing it i tore one of the spark plug wires out of the boot/cap i pulled it out while taking the wire out i noticed where it connects to the ignition coil is a screw in type connector best way i can explain it. Not sure if i should...
  2. Bike will not start, Will not turn over, no head light.

    Technical Discussion
    Good afternoon. I have a 2006 Honda Shadow Aero, I was out riding when I stopped for a few minutes. I tried to start the bike, It would not turn over. No clicking noise. Also the head light would not work. I checked all the fuses, they look good. Tail light, signal lights, neutral light lite up...
  3. 1984 vt700 no spark and will not turn over

    Technical Discussion
    I have a 1984 vt700 that I bought last couple of weeks. It sat outside in the rain and now I do not have spark and it will not turn over. I bought a new starter relay and it didn’t help. If I hook direct power to my relay the bike will turn over just fine. I have checked all fuses and they all...
  4. New member!

    Member Introductions
    What's up guys! I've been putting an 84 vt700c "bobber project" back together. Bought it for 300 off a guy and I've been doing my best to get it back on the road So here's my question. I've got spark in the front two plugs. But not in the back. I've replaced the coils and the spark units. I'm...