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  1. Technical Discussion
    I have a 1995 Honda ACE, with California emissions package. 48k total miles. Over a span of 10 years the MPG had slowly dropped from 40 to 35. Very stock, including pipes. It’s been well maintained with oil, filter, air filter and plug changes Engine starts and idles, but I can’t increase the...
  2. Technical Discussion
    Hey guys so i have cobra drag pipes 50 50 straight with the stock intake im tuning it tomorrow but just want your idea about my tune i have unscrew each idle fuel screw about a turn and half if i can remember correctly the plugs have about 700miles on them. First pic is rear second it front
  3. Technical Discussion
    If anyone can clearly make out the pics, can you please tell me if it looks like I’m running too lean? I’ve never been great at determining the condition of the spark plugs. Basically I have an ‘04 750 Aero, running straight pipes with no baffle and a velocity stack - fully open air on the...
  4. Technical Discussion
    Hi everyone, Sorry in advance if i make grammatical mistakes, English isn't my main language. And thanks for the time you will put into my problem As the title say, i've found a VT1100 as a barn find with official paper and such. The previous owner stated that the motorcycle was running when...
  5. Technical Discussion
    Hey all, new guy here. I just bought a 2007 Honda shadow sabre 1100 with about 38000 miles a couple days ago. The throttle response is great and I have not noticed any hiccups at any speeds or throttle positions, but when I decelerate the exhaust pops and bubbles quite a bit. The exhaust is...
1-5 of 5 Results