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  1. Technical Discussion
    I'm running a 1988 vt1100 and am looking to put on some better lights for night riding in the future. Am I able to just throw on a typical 4" LED lightbar right through to the battery with a wiring harness or have some other process to put one on? I'm new to this and really don't know much about...
  2. Technical Discussion
    DRL running lights. Help needed. Does the DRL share the same fuse as the blinkers? Backstory I added LED lights to the front and back. Did the front forks/blinkers first. Added relay/diodes to fix fast blinking. Everything worked fine including the white running lights on the new blinkers...
  3. Technical Discussion
    I noticed this last night when I ran to the store. Anyone have a suggestion?
1-3 of 3 Results