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  1. Fuel leaking from Honda Shadow

    Technical Discussion
    Hello I recently got a 1987 Honda Shadow vt700c that had been sitting around for over 4 years. When I replaced the battery and attempted to start it it was not starting. So, I decided to give it some gas and when I pulled the throttle back, fuel start spilling out from the front left of the...
  2. Help! I broke something connected to my carberator!!

    Technical Discussion
    hi my name is Carly, I am a beginner when it comes to riding motorcycles. This is my second bike the first one I only had for about a month. In this 2006 Honda Shadow Spirit 750 DC I've had for less than two weeks. I bought the bike and apparently had been sitting for 5 months. I have changed...
  3. Broken Piece of Engine - Need Replacement or Fix?

    Technical Discussion
    Hi All! Working on my first bike, a 1983 VT500 which hasn't started in about 8 months. In order to get a better angle to try and remove the front left spark plug, I removed the top cover over the pistons. The cover came off nice and easy with no wrestling or problems, but when I took it off -...
  4. 1983 Honda shadow 500 no crank HELP

    Technical Discussion
    So I just purchased a 1983 Honda shadow 500 in rough condition, been sitting for years and it shows. I got it home and started to see if i can get it to start or do something. Had no ignition key so I spliced the two wires together and got the lights to come on then I push the start buttons and...
  5. New to forum, Amatuer rider.

    Member Introductions
    Hi, i just joined this forum because I am gonna be using this to look for ideas and while seeking assistance on bike repairs. I am excited to see what i can do with my '09 vt750c2f and already got a few ideas. finally, is there a separate part of the forum to ask for help?