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  1. 1984 VT500c - Non-Running....Need A Little Advice

    Technical Discussion
    Whats up everyone! I'm brand new here and I need some advice with my recent purchase. I picked up a '84 VT500c for $300 and it's.... rough. Unknown miles and no key, no start. I had an idea of what I was getting myself into beforehand and I'm not fussed about the work. I'm planning on...
  2. Bike dying frequently after new petcock valve.

    Technical Discussion
    Hi guys, new here and need some help please! I recently purchased a 2007 Honda Shadow Spirit 750. Bike runs great and looks great, although about a week ago I noticed a small gas leak from the petcock valve. Didn’t think this was much of an issue so I ordered a new one on amazon. It was $22...