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  1. Do I have to remove the engine? (coolant in oil)

    Technical Discussion
    Unfortunately, I found coolant in my oil. After a clean flush, its definitely there. I know that I'll probably end up removing the engine from the frame so I can check the head gasket and the cylinder heads for cracks & leaks. However, before I take that upon myself, I was hoping there was...
  2. I sheared my oil bolt. how bad is that? '83 vt500

    Technical Discussion
    While investigating what looked like a small leak near the cyliner head and under the carb, I think I caused some problems. I sheared one bolt in half on the rear cylinder head and may have over tightened (maybe stripped) the one on the other. I have a new bolt to replace the broken one but it...
  3. Broken Piece of Engine - Need Replacement or Fix?

    Technical Discussion
    Hi All! Working on my first bike, a 1983 VT500 which hasn't started in about 8 months. In order to get a better angle to try and remove the front left spark plug, I removed the top cover over the pistons. The cover came off nice and easy with no wrestling or problems, but when I took it off -...
  4. First Bike

    Technical Discussion
    Hey, I recently purchased my first ever motorcycle. It’s a 1985 Honda Shadow VT700. The oil light just came on and was wondering what would be the best oil and filter to get.
  5. Motorcycle Stand Recommendation

    Technical Discussion
    I have a 1986 500c Shadow. The built in center stand has unfortunately rusted away. Are there any replacement stands out there that fit the bike. I mainly want a stand to hold the bike vertical so i can perform maintenance on it (Oil level check, oil change, etc.) Any recommendations are...
  6. Oil leak

    Member Introductions
    I have an oil leak on my 2007 Honda shadow spirit. It leaks at the very bottom of my motorcycle, I wasnt sure if the very bottom peice was the oil pan or not.
  7. 2004 Aero 750

    Member Introductions
    My 2004 750 Aero burning a little oil. Any suggestions?