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  1. VT 1100 Wiring Harness Issue

    Technical Discussion
    So we have been working on getting my bike I got up and running and have determined we need a new wiring harness but everywhere I look I cant find one to buy that I know would be the correct one. So do you guys know where I can get one or if there is an alternative one to buy that matches? Part...
  2. ISO 84 VT500C parts

    Wanted Board
    I'm in search of parts for my 1984 Honda Shadow 500. Let me know if you have anything. Thank you!
  3. Missing parts 1988 shadow vt1100 maroon color.

    Wanted Board
    Here’s what I’m missing so if anyone has extra that I can buy great! The side cover for the reserve fuel tank which I think I need a new one because it looks like someone drilled a hole through the bottom of mine Both motor side covers The fuel tank The rear seat The keys.....yes seriously. The...